The Bent Creek Homeowners’ Association is composed of five separate subdivisions, each with their own unique characteristics and charm.  

Bent Creek

Bent Creek entrance

Nestled in the short pine woods of the Bellevue community on Highway 24 lies one of Hattiesburg’s most beautiful neighborhoods.  With winding streets and gentle hills, this community enjoys large homes and beautiful landscapes. 

The original of the Bent Creek family subdivisions, these homes contains a great deal of class and curb appeal. Moreover, home values in Bent Creek stay as strong as any subdivision in Mississippi. 

Families of all ages live in Bent Creek and are able to enjoy the many great amenities that come with membership in the Bent Creek Homeowner’s Association.  

Bent Creek West

Bent Creek West entrance

Bent Creek West carries the charm and elegance of the original Bent Creek subdivision and extends it to cover new home designs and more rolling hills and beautiful landscapes. 

Stretching from Bent Creek on Highway 24 to Highway 589, Bent Creek West enjoys the same home sizes as Bent Creek and the same age ranges of residents. The subdivision also includes an internal mico-subdivision called Cottage Park, which are the size homes of Bent Creek West with zero-lot line lots.

Complete with two attractive parks for kids, a small swimming pool and pavilion, and a walking track, Bent Creek West opens up amenities to the family of subdivisions with its large expanse.  Although mostly complete, there are still lots available for new construction in Bent Creek West.


Dandridge entrance

Dandridge is one of the newest developments.  Located on Highway 589 just South of the Highway 24 intersection, Dandridge is home to many of the Bellevue communities’ younger families. 

Complete with a large swimming pool and the homeowner’s association clubhouse, this large subdivision features mid-sized homes on larger lots.  Home-styles in Dandridge vary, but all carry the elegance and sophistication expected of the Bent Creek subdivisions.


Fieldstone entrance

One of the newer developments and the final connection of Bent Creek and Bent Creek West to Highway 589, Fieldstone features moderate home sizes on the same beautiful, tree-lined lots of its two main adjacent subdivisions.

Fieldstone enjoys families of all age ranges and borders against one of the shared parks of the Bent Creek communities.  Families are often seen outdoors playing and walking through Fieldstone, which attests to its character and charm.


Worthington entrance

The newest of the Bent Creek family of subdivisions, this gem located on Highway 24 features the largest homes offered at Bent Creek with the minimum home size being more than 3,000 square feet.

Although still in the development phase, many completed homes already populate this growing subdivision with residents that have access to all amenities of the Bent Creek subdivisions.