Homeowner’s Association Q/A

This page is dedicated to answering common questions from homeowners.

Question: Do I need to have approval for tree removal?

Answer: Yes, homeowners need to seek approval from the board in order to remove trees. This is also true of brush that serves as a barrier in between property lines. One exception is if a tree is rotten or has died. These may be removed without HOA notice. To seek HOA approval, e-mail clubhouse@bentcreekhoa.org.

Question: Can I paint my house any color?

Answer: There is not a distinct color palette for homes, but each color must be approved by the Bent Creek board prior to painting. This is with an exception of touchup painting of an existing color.

Question: What do I need to do to submit plans for new home construction?

Answer: The clubhouse has a form that must be completed before approval is sought by the board. All plans must confirm to HOA covenants, including size, setbacks, and aesthetics of the home. All contractors must be licensed and bonded through the State of Mississippi.

Question: What do my HOA dues cover?

Answer: Because we know that some homeowners are unaware of the cost of the necessary expenses, amenities, and improvements that we provide with your dues on an annual basis, the following represents a breakdown of expenses covered by the Bent Creek Homeowners’ Association.

  • Electrical – dues pay for all street lights, entrance lights, common areas and other related common electrical needs throughout all subdivisions.
  • Security – dues fund a dedicated security officer (who is a Lamar County deputy) who patrols the subdivisions every day as well as who frequently makes direct calls for issues and sets speed traps.  This also funds security at pools during the summer as well as security cameras.
  • Pools and Facilities – dues pay for all pool maintenance, pool cleaning and repair, and purchasing / repairing all outdoor furniture and related costs.
  • Water – dues fund the cost of water and sewer for all common areas with sprinklers as well as for the clubhouse and pools.
  • Management – dues fund one full-time and two part-time staff through its professional management company, Horizon, that manages the clubhouse, manages HOA business, makes repairs, performs additional maintenance, and handles homeowner issues, among other needed roles.
  • Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance – dues fund season plantings at all entrances and common areas in addition to grass cutting and plant maintenance in all common areas.
  • Repairs and Maintenance – dues fund the constant repairs that take place across the five subdivisions, including lights, street signs, playground equipment, and others.
  • Improvements – dues fund the annual improvements, including new playground equipment, upgrades to the pools and lounge furniture, painting, new stop signs, new flower beds, etc.
  • Legal and Professional Fees – dues pay for the occasional need to utilize the board attorney to take action against non-compliant homeowners as well as seek outside accounting approval of finance reports for compliance and transparency.
  • Other – dues also fund fun activities such as 4th of July celebrations, Halloween and Christmas activities, the Bent Creek website and newsletter, and all of the other expenses needed to fully operate a large association like Bent Creek.

For a detailed breakdown of budget and expenses, we encourage you to attend one of the quarterly HOA meetings, held on the second Tuesday of the second month of each quarter at the Dandridge Clubhouse. See the website and/or newsletter for details.