Clubhouse & Amenities


Front entrance of the Bent Creek Clubhouse, located in Dandridge

The Bent Creek Homeowners Association Clubhouse is available to all paid homeowners of the Association.  This 1200 square foot facility is available for parties, meetings, bridal showers, or any other occasion. 

Rules and Regulations

  • No more than 30 people are permitted at an event in the clubhouse/pool area.  If more than 30 are requested, the Bent Creek board of directors must first provide approval.
  • No more than 15 people may use the pool at one time.
  • All guests must wear a visitor wrist band at all times
  • No grilling or deep frying is allowed on the clubhouse premises
  • No fireworks are allowed on the clubhouse premises
  • Conduct of all clubhouse and pool guests must be appropriate.  Any inappropriate behavior will be reported to the renter as a warning.  Any additional misconduct will result in the termination of the event.
  • No running around the pool area or glass bottles in or around the pool area
  • There is no lifeguard on duty
  • Outdoor furniture must stay outdoors, indoor furniture must stay indoors, and absolutely no furniture may be placed in the pool at anytime
  • Closing checklist must be followed at the conclusion of the event


A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required to book the clubhouse, and a credit card must be placed on file for any additional damages or for failing to adhere to the rules and regulations.

To Book the Clubhouse

You may contact the clubhouse directly to check available dates for the clubhouse, and you may download the Clubhouse Rental Form.


One of two subdivision pools. This pool is located at the clubhouse in Dandridge.

Paid homeowners are entitled to access to both Bent Creek and Dandridge pools.  The Dandridge pool is larger and is adjacent to the clubhouse.  The Bent Creek pool featured a gazeebo and is located on Cambrooke in Bent Creek West.  Both pools require code access and homeowners must wear pool bands at all times showing that they are paid homeowners.

Both pools have men’s and women’s restrooms and are equiped with patio / lounging furniture and umbrellas and pillows where available.


One of two subdivision parks. This park is located in Fieldstone Subdivision.

Bent Creek is home to two parks.  One is available at the Bent Creek pool, located on Cambrooke in Bent Creek West subdivision.  The second is located at the Corner of Denstone and Cornerstone in Fieldstone subdivision.  Both parks are open to all homeowners and have see saws, jungle gyms, slides, swings, and other fun equipment for children.

Fitness Trail

Bent Creek has a fitness trail open to all homeowners.  The trail is located on Cambrooke around the Bent Creek pool and park.  Distance around the track is 1/4 mile, and it is available for both walking and running.